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Do I Really Need Car Insurance in Seattle WA?

Oct 12

Car insurance can be expensive in Seattle, so you may ask yourself if you really need it. Washington state law does require you carry a minimum amount of liability insurance for a reason. And, believe it or not, it is not to make insurance companies rich. But is insurance really necessary?

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), in 2016 an estimated 7,277,000 police-reported traffic crashes occurred and 3,144,000 people were injured in those accidents and 37,461 people were killed, an average of 102 people each day, one fatality every 14 minutes.

Another word for “liable” is “responsible.” So, if you are responsible for an accident, you need responsibility insurance aka liability insurance in order to provide financial relief to the victims of the accident.

Try to imagine everyone in Seattle driving without car insurance. Every time you went for a drive, you would be risking your bank account and your future earnings. Insurance is designed to help protect you from expensive and sometimes devastating surprises including legal costs if you are taken to court because of an accident.

The average cost of insurance is not that much when you compare it to what the insurance company may have to pay out if you make one minor mistake. The value of good insurance is only revealed when you need it most. In other words, you don’t need insurance… until you do. #AccidentsHappen

5 Reasons You Need Car Insurance

  • Safeguard your home, savings accounts, and other assets from a lawsuit
  • Protect the investment you have in your car
  • Pay for medical bills for you and your passengers after an accident
  • Cover you, your passengers, and your car if hit by an uninsured motorist
  • Save a lot of money later by paying a little now

So, do you really need car insurance in Seattle?
Only if you want to protect your assets and drive legally.
Your other option is to get friendly with your local bus or uber driver.

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