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Custom Kitchens in Jupiter: What You Need to Know

Oct 13

Custom kitchens are the perfect solution for people who want to achieve an elegant and sophisticated look but don't have the time or resources to invest in a full remodel in Jupiter, FL. Custom kitchens offer many benefits, including lower costs of installation, fewer design limitations, more customization options, and faster turnaround times than traditional kitchen renovations in Jupiter, FL.

How much does a custom kitchen cost?

Custom Kitchens Jupiter range in price depending on the items you select for your kitchen and what is done with them after they're installed. The national average for this type of renovation is approximately $45-$65 per square foot, but prices vary significantly by region. According to Houzz’s 2018 Furniture Store Palm Beach Gardens Design Survey report, homeowners who live in areas where home values are higher see greater returns on their investments when it comes time to resell. For example, if you spend an average of about $50/square foot on you remodel while living in San Francisco, California, you’re likely to net an average of $35 in added resale value. That same would add just over $26 in equity if it were completed in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

What are the benefits of having a custom kitchen?

Custom Kitchens North Palm Beach are designed to meet the needs of any homeowner. Custom designs not only look good, but they work well too! Some homeowners like an open floor plan while others prefer more privacy, custom designs can do both.

Custom kitchen design offers many benefits for today's busy family, including convenience and comfort. A properly designed kitchen will be easy to use with features that make life easier without sacrificing storage space or beauty in your home. Custom cabinets reduce clutter by creating concealed spaces within them where you can put away items such as pots, lids, Tupperware containers, and measuring cups, so everything is easily accessible when you need it most - during meal preparation time! Custom cabinets also provide built-in spice racks, lazy Susan corner shelving that rotates 360 degrees, and pull-out shelving for easy access to items at eye level. Custom Kitchens Palm Beach Gardens design can help you create the type of environment that will increase your family's quality time while spending it around the dinner table or while preparing meals together in a well-thought-out space.

Different types of materials for your cabinets and countertops

Custom Kitchens Jupiter and countertops are a great way to add an element of luxury to the kitchen. The right custom cabinet can give you that sleek, modern look with a variety of design options, from simple shaker-style doors to richly detailed raised panels displayed prominently on the front. There are even more exciting possibilities when it comes to choosing finishes such as wood veneer or exotic granite or quartz surfaces. In addition to adding beauty and character, there's nothing like having fine hardwood like oak, maple, or cherry working hand-in-hand with durable, high-quality metal hardware knob pulls along with soft close hinges to allow for precision fit and function that's tough enough for everyday use.

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