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Can You Get Electric Removal Vans in the UK?

Nov 30

If you're considering buying an electric removal van in the UK, there are several options available. The Renault Master ZE is one option. Another is the Nissan EN-NV200. These electric vans are surprisingly good for their size, and you can even buy a business version.

Renault Master ZE

If you're considering a new electric van for your business, you might want to check out the Renault Master ZE. This van is one of the largest electric vans available, with a range of 75 miles in real-world driving. It also features on-board telematics, which allows fleet managers to track their vehicles. They can also check their mileage, range, and any technical problems. In addition, they can send direct messages to a Renault Pro+ dealer if they need to.

The new electric removal van from Renault is one of the most practical vans on the market. It's available in a range of different lengths, heights, and body types. It also comes in different trim levels. There's a Business trim level, which has plenty of standard features, including full steel bulkhead, electric windows, and advanced infotainment systems. The new van is also equipped with numerous safety features.

Nissan EN-NV200

The Nissan EN-NV200 electric removal van offers plenty of features, including heated seats and steering wheels, climate control, and hill start assist. The van's cabin is made of hard-wearing plastics and offers plenty of headroom. Its driver's airbag and tyre pressure monitors help to reduce the risk of an accident. It also comes with a rear-view camera.

The e-NV200 is based on the Nissan Leaf electric car platform. The vehicle has a range of 200 miles on a stricter U.S. testing cycle, but Nissan doesn't offer the larger Leaf Plus battery pack, which would allow it to travel 200 miles in that cycle. Nissan also makes passenger-carrying versions of the van. It has also pitched an internal-fueled version of the NV200 for the U.S. market, but has not yet revealed pricing.

Renault Zoe Van

When it comes to electric removal vans, the Renault Zoe is among the most attractive. This van has room for two adults and a decent amount of storage. Its dashboard and seats are well-designed and comfortable. The fabric upholstery is made from recycled materials, further reinforcing the van's green credentials. The backrests are wide enough to accommodate passengers and the legroom is decent.

The Zoe Van is available in two trim levels: Business+. Both trim levels come with standard equipment and offer additional options, such as the ability to add DC charging cables. Standard features include a seven-inch Easy Link infotainment system, full LED headlamps, and 15-inch steel wheels. In addition, the Business+ trim adds some safety equipment that isn't available on the standard Business model, such as rear parking sensors and pedestrian warning.

Renault Master E-Tech

The Renault Master E-Tech is an electric van with front and side airbags and stability control. It also features a hill-start assist system and extended grip system. Drivers of this van are also assured of a low centre of gravity, which means that this van is exceptionally nimble for its size. It also boasts a lane-keeping assist system that warns drivers when they cross a white line.

The Renault Master has a solid reputation for reliability, and the new model has seen a number of upgrades since its predecessor. New features include Hill Start Assist, electronic stability control and trailer sway control, which are all standard on the Master. A Wide View Mirror is optional for higher trim models, while Extended Grip mode can help drivers keep their footing on slick surfaces. Drivers can also opt for a passenger airbag, which costs around £800.

Mercedes-Benz eVito

The Mercedes-Benz eVito electric van is now on sale in Germany and the UK. Prices for the L2 model start at £39,895 while the larger L3 variant costs £41,600. Prices exclude VAT. If you live in the UK, you can apply for a plug-in van grant which can reduce the cost of the van by up to 20%.

The eVito is equipped with a 7.4kWh battery. A quick charge takes around six hours, or up to 20 hours with a domestic power outlet. To get a full charge, the van requires a four-metre Type 2 charging cable that plugs into a wall box by the passenger side door. Unlike the newer fast charging system, this socket is not compatible with public charging stations.