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New Trends in Showhome Furniture

Oct 27

As the housing market starts to rebound, more and more people are looking for showhomes. Not only do these homes give buyers a chance to see what their future home could look like, but they also provide a chance to see the latest trends in interior design. In this blog post, we'll take a look at some of the newest trends in furniture for showhomes.


  • Functional Furniture

When it comes to showhome furniture, gone are the days of ornate, impractical pieces. Instead, the new trend is functional furniture that serves multiple purposes. Take, for example, the queen-size storage bed - not only does it provide a comfortable place to sleep, but the spacious drawers underneath can also be used for storing clothes and extra linens. Or a small living room could be transformed with a modular sectional sofa - its various pieces can easily be rearranged to create an area for lounging or a cozy spot for entertaining guests. These types of furniture offer both style and function, making them a perfect fit for modern showhomes. And with their practical use of space, they may just inspire potential buyers to think creatively about how they could utilize each room in their own future home.


  • Minimalistic Design

If you've been browsing through showhomes recently, you may have noticed a trend toward minimalist furniture design. So why are more and more designers opting for this style in their showhomes? One reason is that minimalist furniture allows for the showcasing of a property's architectural features and overall layout. This can be particularly helpful in smaller spaces, where room for large statement pieces may be limited. Minimalist furniture also creates a sense of simplicity and order, potentially making the space more appealing to potential buyers. Additionally, this style of furniture tends to have a longer lifespan and be easier to repurpose in other rooms or even future properties. Ultimately, incorporating minimalist furniture in showhomes can provide a variety of benefits for both designers and potential homeowners.


  • Multi-Purpose Furniture

The latest trend in showhome furniture is the use of multi-purpose pieces that seamlessly blend form and function. Gone are the days of having a designated dining room table or guest bed – now, furnishings can easily transform from a desk to a dinner table or from a couch to a bed. This not only saves valuable space in smaller homes, but it also allows for greater versatility and flexibility in how the living space is used. In addition, these multifunctional pieces often incorporate storage solutions, such as hidden drawers and compartments, creating even more efficiency in the home. With this trend on the rise, homeowners no longer have to sacrifice style for practicality – they can have it all with multi-purpose furniture.


  • Technology Integration

In showhomes across the country, a new trend is emerging in furniture design: the integration of technology. Rather than just serving as decorative pieces, furniture is now also being designed to serve functional purposes, such as charging cell phones or controlling home automation systems. One example is a coffee table with built-in wireless phone chargers, allowing guests to conveniently charge their devices while simultaneously adding a modern aesthetic to the room. Another example is a dresser with a touchscreen display, allowing homeowners to access and control their home automation system without the need for bulky equipment or extra wiring. These technological advancements in furniture design are not only convenient for homeowners, but they also add an element of sophistication and innovation to the overall design of the space.  As more and more showhomes incorporate this technology into their furnishings, it's clear that the future of furniture design lies in seamlessly integrating function and form.


  • Eclectic Style

Have you ever walked into a furniture store and felt overwhelmed by the uniformity of the options? It can be hard to find unique, one-of-a-kind pieces that reflect your personal style. However, there's a new trend in showhome furniture that offers just that - eclectic style. 

Eclectic style is all about mixing and matching different elements to create an interesting and dynamic space. This means finding pieces from various time periods or designing aesthetics, or even upcycling old items to give them new life. 

This trend has been fueled by the rise of DIY culture and a desire for more sustainable consumption habits. By incorporating pieces that already exist or giving old furniture a fresh update, eclectic style encourages resourcefulness and creativity.  So if you're looking for something truly unique for your home, consider embracing the eclectic trend. Who knows what treasures you might find?