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Wood Carving Tips – How to Carve a Female Figure in Wood

Aug 3

Pete Gonzalez is one the most skilled carvers in the world in the present. His gallery is evidence of his mastery in the art of carving. Similar results could be achieved by using his methods. In the next article, we will discuss the types of wood, techniques for carving, and the proper oils to safeguard the wood. After you have mastered the basics, you are able to start carving your first female model . Enjoy! For best results, follow Pete's advice.

Pete carving a figure of an actress

One way to understand the intricate nature of this form of art is to watch Pete's YouTube video of his carving process. He starts by sketching the basic outline for a female body. He then adds his interpretation. Then, he decides on which aspects of the female figure to emphasize. In the end, the final piece has a variety of subtle details and clues to meaning.

After drawing and measuring facial features of the face, Pete started carving. Pete refers to photos of Cat to determine the measurements and proportions. He then begins to take out pieces of wood until a face appears. Pete must be patient while carving. Any mistake could render the piece Frankenstein. Pete shows viewers how to use the Arbortech Power Chisel which is an extremely powerful tool to cut wood.

Different kinds of wood

There are many different types of wood that work well for female figures and each one has its own characteristics. The wood used in female figures can be comprised of various kinds of trees, ranging from exotic varieties that are difficult to work with no special equipment to locally available trees. Birch plywood can be found in a variety of colors, is a good illustration. Bamboo is another renewable wood which can be grown rapidly. Acacia melanoxylon, otherwise known as Australian Blackwood, is also accessible. Brosimum paraense (or Cardinal wood) is a medium-hardwood located in the tropical regions of West Africa.

Maple is another favorite wood to make female figures. It is dense and resistant to moisture, making it a favorite choice for furniture makers. Maple grain is able to be straightened or twisted as a bird's eye. It is typically lighter in color, with a reddish hue and accepts wood stains well. It's commonly used in dressers as well as tables for dining. There are many varieties of maple, including soft and hard maple.


If you're looking for some suggestions on how to create female figures in wood, then you must read this book. Ray Gonzalez, one of Britain's most respected wood sculptors has contributed over thirty years of expertise to this book. The book includes step-by step demonstrations that will help you carve every female figure to perfection. You'll learn how to create the female figure in both wood and stone and how to use power and hand tools to carve the design you like.

First of all, if you're looking to carve female figures on wood, you should start by learning basic woodcarving techniques. You can also buy spiral-bound workbooks with precise patterns and clear instructions. The books also contain three examples of projects. They include a few steps to ensure your success. Remember, wood carving is a slow art Follow the steps and follow the instructions given by your guideline to make sure the finished work is the way you want it to.

Oils to protect the wood

Oils are vital to safeguard wood carvings. These oils can either be synthetic or natural, but they have the same purpose - to protect the wood from damage caused by water and other elements. Most oils provide a seal on the wood, preventing water and moisture from getting into the wood's surface. Choose the best oil to carve your wood and follow the instructions. This will protect it from any damages.

Linseed oil, a classic oil for wood carving is used to make indoor sculptures and furniture. There are two optionsavailable: Standard or boiling versions. Both require drying for several days. You should always wear personal protection when operating any kind of saw. This can result in serious injuries. When choosing a type of oil, consider its effects on the wood's surface. Danish oil is stronger than conventional oil and will safeguard your wood carvings more effectively. It also has a beautiful golden color, which will enhance the natural look of the wood.

The dangers of creating Frankenstein, a sexy Frankenstein

Wood carving a female form could result in an ugly Frankenstein. There are two major dangers. The first is that by reducing the proportions of the female figure can end up making it look like a child. This can have disastrous effects. Another risk involves carving an animal that has too many particulars. A Frankenstein-like animal could be made by carving a human. There are many ways to make beautiful and symmetrical sculptures that avoid these problems.

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