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Furniture Makers Brisbane

Apr 24

Bring Your Timber Custom Furniture Dreams To Life.
Custom House Furniture is all about making beautiful timber furniture for your home or office.
We specialise in custom made timber dining tables and custom boardroom tables.We use Australian hardwood timbers including reclaimed or recycled timber.
We love building tables of all shapes and sizes - BUT we also create custom made pieces to complement our tables such as credenzas, sideboards and hallway tables. 

Furniture Makers

Your home's decor defines your personality.
Professionally made customized furniture will enhance the interior's beauty and style.
Having handmade furniture is the best way to create something unique that encompasses your flare and personality.

At Custom House Furniture, 

  • We create unique custom Australian dining tables. 

  • We create custom dining room furniture in both modern and traditional styles to meet the needs of our customers.

  • You can get a custom Australian dining table in different shapes, sizes, colours and timber choices.

We can deliver your custom piece of furniture across Queensland

We can help guide you with expert advice for your custom timber furniture options to fit the interior of your home.
As skilled furniture makers in Brisbane, we have helped hundreds of people find the best handcrafted furniture with custom dimensions, quality, and colour.

We consider any environmental impacts, so we only use sustainably sourced wood to make each piece of furniture. We love working with recycled timber and our recycled messmate dining tables always come up looking amazing!

Get in touch to discuss your next custom piece of furniture for your home or office