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Imagining Your New Bathroom?

Feb 2

Valor Home Services is ready to assist you with the next project to make your bathroom stress-free! Our experienced team is aware of everything about bathroom remodeling St Louis MO.  Visit our website to learn more at .  We'll quickly provide you with a reasonable estimate based upon your schedule and will contact you within a few days. Our team is able to create luxurious master bathroom renovations as well as complete or custom-built remodeling.

Remodeling your bathroom is one of the most satisfying home improvements of all. A quality bathroom remodel can also boost the value of your home. We have a variety of blogs and online resources that will help you start your remodel journey. Once we've created an idea that is practical and appealing and appealing, we'll arrange the items to meet your needs. Our experienced team will assist you with your bathroom remodeling St Louis MO needs, whether you have existing plans or you're looking to design an entirely new idea.

This is an example of a stress-free remodeling project for a bathroom. We turned the functional, outdated bathroom into a stunning master bathroom. It includes an in-suite tub, modern fixtures, and vanity. Bathrooms that haven't had a makeover in 10 years or more are typically in dire need of a makeover. When did you last updated your bathroom? Our expert team will always be there to assist you to plan the design, layout and renovation of your dream luxury bathroom.

Contractors who are slow to respond, cancel early, fail to deliver high-quality work, or have charges that aren't disclosed are just a few of the problems that homeowners have to face. These contractors discourage many homeowners from seeking bathroom renovation St Louis professionals. They encourage them to take on the task on their own, which can result in stress and more expensive expenses. Avoid all of that by working with Team Valor's remodeling experts.

Valor Home Services' hiring team meticulously screens and trains all job applicants to ensure we only employ the most qualified. Our team doesn't believe in watching home improvement shows or fixing up the smallest of items. We know how important it is to have a hardworking and trustworthy person joining our team or entering your home. Our motto is "Service prior to self". We put your needs and preferences above our own.

Are you confused about what to look for when choosing a St Louis bathroom remodeling specialist? Many homeowners believe that the highest quality and lowest price should be what they are searching for. However, there are even other aspects to take into consideration. For example, you want a remodeling company that offers outstanding quality, exceptional communication and budget accountability. You want to protect your home and yourself from unexpected problems. The business must be licensed, insured, and certified. Valor Home Services offers all three.

There are a variety of ways to help make your dream bathroom a reality. Bathroom remodel St Louis professionals have the skills and experience to take your bathroom to new standards. We'll remove or re-clean any necessary areas and materials like flooring, vanities bathtubs, showers, and toilets. We will then follow the specific plan to get you the bathroom you've been waiting to.

We offer a variety of remodeling possibilities for bathrooms, including master bathroom completes. Also, we will offer custom-built toilets. Here's a brief description of what you'll get:

Small projects/partial bathrooms - $10,000 - $15,000

  • Use your current bathtub
  • Ceramic tile flooring installation and shower walls

  • Include contractor-grade plumbing fixtures

  • Install vanities that are contractor-grade and tops

  • The shower door & electrical modifications are not included.

  • The same spot is used for fixtures


Mid-sized projects ranging from $15,000 to $20,000

  • Install a fiberglass tub in the tub, or into a tub with solid surface walls.

  • Install porcelain tile flooring

  • Install plumbing fixtures of mid-grade

  • Install a mid-grade vanity the top

  • Include a prefab shower door kit

  • Fixtures remain in the exact locations.


Large projects/custom-built bathrooms - $20,000+

  • Remove bathtub and replace with tile base shower

  • Shower walls and floor tiles constructed from porcelain or natural stones.

  • Include custom plumbing fixtures

  • Install custom vanity cabinets and the top

  • Include electrical changes/updates

  • Create custom shower doors

  • It is possible to move fixtures

The biggest thing our bathroom remodel St Louis experts provide is an easy experience. We know that you're working hard to make money and to maintain your home's appearance. We'll assist you in getting a solution in the moment you reach us. We can work with your time, preferences and requirements. If our team is able to schedule an appointment on site or a workday, we will even send you an on-the-way message, so you'll know exactly how far we are. Our team will also tidy up after each day , and inform you know what is on the agenda for the next time we visit. There is no need to worry or overthink again because we'll provide you with total transparency. Valor Home Services is the best bathroom remodeler located in St Louis MO.  Check out our website at to learn more and schedule an appointment!

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