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5 Ways to Make Your Next Move Easier

Dec 9

No matter what your profession, you are almost certainly confronted by other people on a regular basis. It is possible to share some of these tips with your coworkers and customers to enhance your interactions and productivity. If you employ a mover you can expect them to also feel the same. These are the things your movers would like to inform you to make moving day more pleasant for everyone.


  • Let them complete the work.


How can you best assist your mover? Let them do the work. Though you might think that you're in control, there are reasons that you hired full-service moving companies. They are qualified professionals who have successfully moved couches, crates, and other delicate items. You won't have to worry and they won't have to feel shackled.

Before moving day, finish packing.



If you are paying for a full-service mover, they will. There's no need to pay additional for packing services even if you don't wish to. It will be simpler for them to load your home into their vehicle. If they are forced to wait for you to complete packing, it's a waste of their time -- which you're paying for.

Keep cash, valuables, and prescription medications with you at all times.


  • Particular objects are a pain in the neck for a mover.


It is not necessary to carry around items such as jewelry or cash They would rather avoid the potential of being accused of misplacing objects. Moving day can be stressful, so ensure that your belongings are safe and let the mover San Diego handle the rest.

The boxes must be labeled with the destination of their destination.


Do you have to help to move?


Help your movers to unload more quickly and stay clear of the hassle of a traffic controller by marking every box. This is especially crucial when you pay your movers per hour.

If the object is fragile, warn the movers and label the box with care.


If your movers had telepathic abilities, they wouldn't be your moving crew, so be sure to inform them of anything that is fragile or requires a conservative treatment due to any other reason. It is important that they are aware of what they should do. Write it down, make notes on paper, or speak it loudly, and then take it off as soon as you can.


  • You must ensure that they have simple, straightforward access.


Help your movers by making sure that you know where they can park their truck as well as how to get the best access to your home, and if there are parking or moving time restrictions. This information should be thoroughly examined by the moving team. They'd be angry if they learned that their lack of preparation has resulted into being charged for parking.


  • Heavy objects should not be placed in boxes that are large.


Wouldn't it be sensible to store all of those books in one box? Wrong. A large book box can be a challenge even for large-sized movers and it might even fall apart during transportation. Take a look at our guide for finding moving boxes for free around town if you need some more boxes to fill the difference.

Take everything out of your drawers, armories, and desks.


This doesn't just make your item heavier, but can also increase the chance of shifting contents and sliding drawers. Therefore, the majority of moving companies in San Diego will refuse to remove furniture or file cabinets that are occupied.


For ease of packing to pack, some packing experts suggest putting everything in drawers. However, drawer contents are best secured by using plastic wrap.

Take a look at our guide to packing with ease in case you're not sure where you should start.

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